Ocigatos is located in Northern California. I NO LONGER BREED OCICATS and now focus exclusively on Manx. Careful planning and extensive knowledge of the breed lines are required.  I breed on a very limited basis to the standards established by the Cat Fanciers Association, Inc. Occasionally I make adults and kittens available to approved homes. Contact me for current information. I only work with other established Manx breeders I am familar with. I do export out of the country on rare occasion to trusted breeders.

My feline involvement is a HOBBY! This means I dont breed for profit and am not a pet store. Breeding in the manner I do is very expensive and labor intensive. Usually there is a bit of a wait if you want an Ocigatos kitten.  My cats are beloved personal PETS as well as show or breeding cats. I produce very few kittens per year. The average size of a Manx litter is 1-4 kittens just to put things into perspective. I dont have kittens available continuously but our quality is exceptional as evidenced by our success in the show rings and the accolades of my pet owners.

Those few cats or kittens who are not destined for breeding or show are made available to pet homes. I take great care to ensure my placements are the right fit for both the cat and the owner. 

I believe there is value and a place for both pedigreed and non-pedigreed cats in this world. Pedigreed cats provide knowledge of their lineage, health & conformation as well as insight into the temperament you can anticipate. My kittens have not experienced negative experiences within their lifetime with me so are confident and trusting companions.

Known for their sweet dispositions, my Manx have enjoyed great success in the show ring with both National and Regional awards in the Cat Fanciers Association.  Manx are loving and intelligent lifetime companions who bond closely with their humans. If you cant commit to them for their lifetime then you need to look elsewhere for your pet.

The pedigreed Manx is a  rare breed that can be a challenge to obtain. If you email me, I may be able to help you locate a cat or kitten from breeders I work with if I dont have one. Often I am exhibiting at a show on the weekends but will reply as soon as possible. Often, getting on a waiting list might be your only option for getting a Manx from a reputable breeder.  

We believe our Manx are truly worth the wait!

Ocigatos Manx
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