About Ocigatos ......
Cats are my HOBBY and passion. I have been involved with raising and exhibiting Ocicats as well as in CFA show production for over 25 years.


Locating excellent quality pedigreed Manx is very challenging. Breeding is done by me on a very limited basis only to sustain and improve this historic breed. Temperament, health and conformation to the breed standard are my fundamental goals.

CFA Ocicat Breed Council Member
CFA Manx Breed Council Member
CFA National Show Rules Committee
CFA Licensed Ring Clerk
Crow Canyon Allbreed Cat Club (CFA)
Perthshire Clan Cat Club Secretary (CFA)
CFA Breed Awareness & Orientation School 11/16/07

Located in Northern California and exhibiting with CFA nation-wide...

I believe that exhibition with other top quality registered breeds from a large national registering organization (CFA) is critical in assuring I have produced cats that not only meet the standard for the breed but also have the health and temperament required to meet the rigors of the show world as well as loving companions in the home. Promotion of the beauty and wonderful qualities of these cats serves to sustain their presence for future generations.

To date, I have exhibited FIVE National winning cats in all the competitive categories (Kitten, Championship, and Premiership). Two of these cats have been born into my own hands right here at Ocigatos.

   Tawny spotted male Ocicat
GC, RW Ocigatos Opus One