Our Manx

Our Manx are bred and shown in collaboration with Kiomichi Manx located in Oklahoma. Sound structure, health, and outgoing temperament are our primary focus.
GC, GP, NW Kiomichi's Amazing Grace
         Tortoiseshell & white female
Grace earned Best of the Best selection at the CFA World Show in November 2011
    GC, RW Kiomichi's Just Sayin of Ocigatos
    Brown classic tabby and white female
GC, RW Ocigatos Spooktacular
         Black shorthair male
       (Son of Amazing Grace)
GC, RW Kiomichi's Snow Maiden
of Furrytails - white female
GC, NW Kiomichi's Outrageous Fortune
The Manx is a very old and unique breed which originated on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea between England/Scotland and Northern Ireland. Their exact origin is uncertain but it appears the British Shorthair was likley involed very early on. Both short coats and long coats were reported to be present two to three hundred years ago on the Isle of Man. At some point a mutation occured creating their most notable characteristic - the lack of tail in some offspring. The earliest written reference to Manx owned as pets is found in 1810.

Manx are born with varying tail lengths. At the turn of the century they were actually exhibited in Europe with tails. Today only the tailess examples (rumpies and rumpy risers) are exhibited in competition. Tailed or not, their personality is exceptional.

This breed is short and round. They are surprisingly heavy when lifted. The shorthair variety has  a double coat which is quite dense.The outer coat is a bit longer while the undercoat is close and cottony. The long hair variety is soft and silky yet full and plush.

Manx come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. However, there are no chocolate/lavender colors and the pattern does not occur as ticked tabby nor extremity restricted color in CFA registered Manx descended from the Isle of Man.

Cats without tails or shortened tails are occasionally found among random bred cats (domestics) in the USA. It is erroneous to call these cats "Manx". The lack of a tail does not qualify any cat as a Manx - they must be traceably documented back to the Isle of Man in order to earn this breed designation. All CFA pedigreed Manx are verified by documentation of each and every ancestor as originating on the Isle of Man. We preserve this distinction with great care!

Manx are playful and yet gentle cats. They are softspoken with a gentle trill which is very endearing. Manx are devoted to their people. Once they bond with their special human it is a very strong connection which is not easily replaced. Manx are intelligent and often surprise their people with their depth of understanding and creativity.

Manx also get along GREAT with other cats as well as dogs and children!!!
    GC, RW Kiomichi's War Horse
Black and white male at 7 months
GC, RW Kiomichi's Van Gogh
         GC, RW Ocigatos Lindy
    (daughter of War Horse)